SpkControls is a library of visual controls for Windows Forms. The initial release consists of the VirtualTreeView control.

Spk.Controls.Trees.VirtualTreeView (1.0) 

I've searched for a free virtual treeview control for Windows Forms with no luck, so I decided to write one from scratch on my own. My control is loosely based on Delphi control by Soft Gems.

Currently it contains the following functionalities:

  • Modifying root node count
  • Node child count, text and image are acquired through events  
  • Mouse navigation and selection (excluding rectangular) 
  • Keyboard navigation and selection
  • Tree modifications at runtime (hiding nodes, changing child count)
  • Node contents owner-draw or whole node owner-draw - including custom active areas (expand mark, content area) 

  • Displaying images from an image list
  • Customizable look (displaying lines, root lines, expand marks, images)
  • A few events (expanding, collapsing, selection, focus)
  • Automatic horizontal scrollbar
  • Checkboxes 
  • Mouse rectangular selection
  • Hottrack
  • System theme look and feel

The following functionalities are planned to be implemented in the future:

  • Columns
  • Drag'n'drop
  • (De)serialization of the tree contents 

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